Cubiciti works just like:

- Lego brick, it's blocks snapped into the base to construct an imaginary cityscape and play it in their imagination.

- Standard Building blocks, its similar shapes and color.

- Puzzle, it allows children to match the blocks to lay down the street layout.

Cubiciti consist of base, blocks, cars, connector and locking plate.

•  Base

Square pattern holes base for modularity.

•  Blocks

Currently there are 12 types of blocks in varieties of shapes and colors. More types of blocks will come soon. Each of the blocks has a cylindrical connector to snap in to the base holes and to orientate it in certain way according the surrounding blocks.

•  Cars

Currently there are 3 types of cars, Sport car, SUV and Van.

•  Connector (not available on classic model)

It allows connecting with other sets securely for table top setting.

•  Locking plate (not available on classic model)

It allows securing the blocks when on the go.


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