In a world where television, computers, and video games are competing for attention, children's senses are over stimulated and their imaginations are underutilized. Simple toys are pushed aside for the latest electronic devices that bombard kids with sensory input. Cubiciti was created as a tangible toy that challenges the imagination and creativity of every child with straightforward and uncomplicated shapes. Cubiciti enhances a child's development by providing a means to explore spatial skills, organization, and planning in a fun and colorful way. This imaginative play is crucial for normal social, emotional and cognitive development. A few of the learning benefits include:

•  Promotes creativity by encouraging children to dream up new cityscapes using the different colored and shaped blocks and by using their imaginations to make their new city come alive.

•  Enhances fine motor skills through the handling, assembly, and construction of the cityscape as well as through maneuvering cars around the city streets.

•  Develops spatial skills by rotating and assembling parts and snapping the blocks to the base

•  Encourages problem solving by challenging the child to plan out city features and organize the blocks to create roads and pathways that allow access to structures.

•  Tunes visual processing skills through the use of different shapes, colors, textures, and part-to-whole relationships.

•  Encourage Imaginative play by using the provided cars on the children's dream city.


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