Welcome to Cubiciti, a family-owned wooden toy manufacturer that strives to create modular, educational toys for young kids. Each of our wooden blocks are hand-crafted in the USA and designed to be both eco-friendly and educational.

As a company, our mission is to bring the fun back to learning activity. By building quality wooden blocks, we encourage planning, building and playing cityscape - carefree activities that build fine motor skills and stimulate creativity. Our toys are literally the building blocks of your child's everyday learning.

The creation of Cubiciti was inspired by our own son. He is a regular car fanatic, always on the hunt for new settings and environments where he can race them. As a way of encouraging his active imagination, we decided to create our one-of-a-kind, handmade building blocks for his car adventures.

It was love at first cityscape. And once we realized how much he enjoyed his new, eco-friendly toys, we wanted to share our discovery with other kids and the young of heart. At that point, Cubiciti Company, LLC. was born.

Check out our variety of cityscape creations today!



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